Birds in Colombia: A New Era of Conservation Strategy

Discover the vibrant world of birds in Colombia as the country embarks on a new era of conservation strategy. With a comprehensive plan in place, Colombia is committed to protecting its diverse avian species. In this article, we delve into the recently launched National Bird Conservation Strategy and its profound impact on preserving the rich birdlife found throughout the country.…

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Iconic birds of Colombia through the artist’s lens

Iconic birds of Colombia throughthe artist’s lens Let’s take a modern twist to birds of Colombia through the lense of local designer Vanesa Ortiz who in coloration with Icaro Birding creates beautiful pieces of art. This collection is inspired by the birds you can find in our flagship Epic Andes Birding Tour Our awe-inspired Epic Andes Birding Tour takes you on a journey…

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The unlikely fortune of the Yellow-eared Parrot

The Yellow-eared Parrot is an endemic bird of Colombia that came back from the brink of extinction in a most unusual way. The bird lives in the mountains of Colombia, nesting exclusively in dead trunks surrounded by robust palms, mainly from the Quindio Wax palm, Ceroxylon quindiuense, Colombia’s national tree. Of course, the number of standing dead palms is just…

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